The Secret Language of Desire

The Secret Language of Desire is a unique electronic literature project that traces a woman’s journey from everyday life into a landscape of sensuality and desire. Merging 27 ultra-short chapters with interactive animations and sound, The Secret Language of Desire offers an intimate, alluring and surprising storytelling experience for adults.

Every chapter contains elements to enrich the narrative – objects can be touched, triggering animations and sound. Written and developed by Australian digital media artist Megan Heyward, it features original sound design by Michael Finucan, and the lilting saxophone of Martin Kay. The project is optimised and available for a digital reading experience.

The Secret Language of Desire has been supported by the Australian Government through the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. It includes mature content and themes.

The interactive eBook/ ePub version of this project will be published in 2022.


Haptic effects are included throughout the Secret Language of Desire. Image from the app launch at The Gasoline Pony. Sydney.
Interactive animations and sound are included throughout The Secret Language of Desire to expand on the written content.

Interactive elements

Every chapter within The Secret Language of Desire contains unique interactive elements which support the narrative and themes of the work. On screen objects – flowers, telephones, keys, photos and other items – can be touched, triggering animations and sound. Several chapters contain graphics that can be rubbed off to reveal the “hidden” content waiting underneath. Sound design enriches the animations with distinct audio elements, interlaced with original music and phrasing by saxophonist Martin Kay.